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GO GREEN! Brooklyn Festival 2019


GO GREEN! Brooklyn Festival on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at McCarren Park Greenpoint, Brooklyn was a huge success!  Going green means living consciously and making conscious decisions.  Both the work of Live and Learn Consultants and this event is dedicated to understanding how our actions and decisions impact others and our environment.  Click below for more details on Go Green Brooklyn and Town Square.  

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Making Time: Dinner & Learning Event for Couples


Parents are invited to a group dinner date with a focus on meeting other families of children with special needs, and spending quality time as a couple.  Learning activities will focus on the benefits of establishing and maintaining routines in the home to improve behavior, communication, and more!  COMING SOON!

Private Family Consultations


Private consultations are available in-home or via phone with one of our expert consultants.  Together we will uncover challenges and concerns, and create an action plan that meets the needs of your family.  Family action plans include guided implementation support to ensure success.  Rates available upon request.  Find out more  and schedule a consultation by contacting us! 

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